What Are the Benefits of A Freestanding Pedestal Sink ?

If you desire to create your entire half bathroom, half kitchen, or powder room seem different, then you must install a freestanding pedestal sink. The multiple, color and pattern selections available permit you to create quite a unique look for the bathroom that only you could create with a single pedestal sink. Of course, a single sink is insufficient if you desire to truly change the appearance of the room. Yet another pedestal sink option would be to use two pedestals in conjunction with a separate countertop.


There are numerous different materials from which to choose. Your choice of material will ultimately depend upon the available space in the bathroom. Of the various materials, glass, stone, and acrylic are the most popular. These types of freestanding pedestal sinks can be designed to appear traditional as well as modern. You can even find them in stained glass designs.


If you have limited space, but desire a freestanding pedestal sink, there are several choices you have. First, do you wish to incorporate the sink basin into the overall design of the bathroom? If so, you may wish to include the basin as part of the vanity. These types of bathroom sink basins may also be called bar sinks. If so, you should choose a counter top that will not hide the basin, as this is more of an eyesore than anything.


Freestanding pedestal sinks can be selected to be installed either below or above the tub or shower. In fact, you can install freestanding sinks over standard vanity tops. When selecting a location for the freestanding sinks, you must consider how much sun exposure the bathroom receives. This is especially important if you have large windows or doors in the bathroom. Sunlight will fade colors and the general look of your bathroom.


The material your freestanding sink will be made out of will also play an important role in its appearance. Most people prefer stainless steel, since it does not tarnish easily and is very durable. It can also be made from a variety of different materials, such as porcelain and acrylic. Porcelain is the most affordable and is usually found in public bathrooms.



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