Care Maintenance

BellaStone bath-ware is crafted to be non-porous, and will prohibit liquids and chemicals being absorbed. The result is an easy care and hygienic bathroom material. Although BellaStone surfaces are tough and durable, they are not indestructible. They will require regular maintenance to keep the product’s surfaces at their best.

As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure, so please read the recommendations below to ensure that you enjoy years of service from your investment in BellaStone.

1. Day-to-day

After use, remove any residue from soap, shaving, or brackish water by rinsing and a quick wipe over with a damp sponge or cloth.

2. Regular Bathroom Cleaning

When conducting your regular bathroom cleaning, simply wipe over the surface with diluted dishwashing liquid. An ammonia-based cleaner such as Spray-and-WipeTM* can also be used. Rinse and wipe over using a clean damp sponge.

To remove build-up of lime, hard water scale or soap residue, use a standard household lime remover or diluted

white vinegar, rinse well.

3. Spills

If a spill of dye, nail polish, harsh household chemicals or the like occurs, in most cases staining can be prevented

with minimal effort. Immediately rinse using appropriate safety measures, and wipe over with warm soapy water.

Clean the entire surface using a mix of 5% Mild Cream Cleanser to 95% diluted dishwashing liquid applied using a damp sponge. To maintain uniformity, do not apply too much pressure nor rub in the same area for a prolonged time. Rinse well and wipe clean.

If the spill has not been totally removed, proceed to Paragraph 4. “Stubborn Stains, Scuffs and Cigarette Burns” for instruction.

Care Maintenance

4. Stubborn Stains, Light Scuffs & Cigarette Burns

Matte Surfaces: Apply a Mild Cream Cleanser to the entire surface, using a damp fine grey Scotch-Brite** pad rub

in a wide circular motion. Be sure not to apply too much pressure nor rub in the same area for a prolonged time.

Before rinsing, clean the entire surface using a very wet sponge in a wide circular motion. Rinse well and clean. A matte / sheen luster will result.

Gloss Surfaces: Lightly sand the entire surface with 1200 grit wet sand paper using a foam or similar soft sanding block. Finish with Turtle Wax Brand “Scratch and Swirl Remover” using the foam pad provided. Apply according to manufacturer’s instructions.

For detailed instruction or assistance, please contact your local Bella Stone Supplier.

5. Prevention

Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, metal implements or objects with sharp edges on the surface of your BellaStone bathroom-ware product.

Excessive heat, naked flames, ultraviolet radiation or harsh chemicals may also cause damage to your BellaStone surface.

In most cases, BellaStone will withstand even this abuse by following the rejuvenation process out outlined in item 4. Stubborn Stains, Light Scuffs and Cigarette Burns.

* ”Spray & Wipe” is a registered trademark of Colgate-Palmolive.

*  “Scotch-brite” Registered trademark of the 3M Company.

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