The Design Options of A Freestanding Corner Bathtub

A freestanding corner bathtub is an ideal choice for most bathrooms. These tubs can fit easily into small spaces and still offer great bathing experiences. These tubs come in all sizes too. The best thing about these tubs is that there are plenty of manufacturers that offer this type of tub. Thus, the user has a lot of options to choose from.


Since these tubs are freestanding, homeowners need not worry about installing the plumbing around the tub. This saves the homeowner a lot of time and also money. The manufacturers even customize these freestanding corner bathtubs to fit perfectly within the room. Installing a tub may seem like a pain to some homeowners, but once done, it is definitely worth it.


Although freestanding corner bathtubs have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider. One of these disadvantages is the size. Some tubs are just too big for smaller rooms. Therefore, if the homeowner plans to put a shower unit on this tub, he or she should make sure that there is ample room for both the tub and the shower unit.


Other disadvantages of freestanding bathtubs include the lack of style appeal. Although this type of tub is stylish, many homeowners do not find them aesthetically appealing. In addition, the lack of style does not necessarily mean that these tubs cannot be as efficient as the built-in bathtubs. Many manufacturers use more durable materials for freestanding corner bathtub compared to those used in built-in bathtubs and shower units.


When choosing freestanding corner bathtubs, homeowners also have a choice among three common designs: bubble, whirlpool, and panel designs. Bubble designs have become popular choices among many homeowners, because they look nice and are effective at providing a relaxing soak. However, it should be noted that a bubble design can be very expensive. Because of this, many homeowners opt to purchase panel designs instead.


Panel designs are not only cost-effective, but they are also durable. This type of tub features straight lines, which give it a more modern look. Furthermore, it offers more space, allowing more bathing space for homeowners. As with all types of tubs, a drawback of this design is that it is not as relaxing as a freestanding corner bathtub. However, most homeowners find that panel bathtubs provide the same level of relaxation and enjoyment as other tubs.



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