What about the market prospects of artificial stone bathtub? This is an issue of concern to many people in the industry.

At present, the development direction of the world's man-made stone bathtub is the simplification and overall development. The early 1990s, in China, fiberglass bathtub is the simplest single-cylinder, mid appeared acrylic and cast iron cylinder.

Speaking of market prospects artificial stone bathtub, it said that we must first cast iron cylinder, cast iron cylinder working hard, heavy, no insulation, so the overall market is not large, it is difficult by customers of all ages. The acrylic processing convenient, lightweight, thermal insulation, so all of a sudden the wind Mi globe. But acrylic bathtub forming process is relatively poor, so, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, enterprise hard to change the appearance of the product, in order to promote the development of enterprises.

However, around 2003, the minimalist to the market, so as to form a branch of classical and modern cylinder cylinder bathtub. The acrylic bathtub after about a decade of development, has reached a peak, in terms of technology and design has been difficult to have a big breakthrough, and acrylic bathtub has one of the biggest drawback is that more than 95% of the cylinder and the skirt to be separated, thereby undermining the integrity and bath lines of fluency, the feeling is not very visually perfect.

This time, artificial stone bathtub turned out to overcome the many problems and defects acrylic and cast iron cylinder, follow the trend and direction of development of the times. It replaces the acrylic and cast iron cylinder, became high fashion bathtub, acrylic bathtub and eventually reduced to the low-grade products.

Artificial stone bathtub as a fresh kind, it has been very obvious advantages, I believe that as technology advances, the market prospects of artificial stone bathtub in the bathroom on the future market must be very bright, and can occupy a certain position.

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