I believe we are not unfamiliar to the bathtub, as we progress and improve living standards, and now more and more families in the decoration will be sorting apparatus tub, bathtub because practicality is very large.

Artificial stone bathtub is a variety of advantages in one, at the same time abandon the latest acrylic bath tub, ceramic and cast iron cylinder and cylinder various defects appeared, is the modern trends and high-quality representatives. Because of its high level of technology and production requirements, the country can now produce large quantities of artificial stone bathtub factory is not too much. Foshan Langbiao Sanitary Ware Factory is one of the few man-made stone bathtub with advanced production technology manufacturers, but also has a large plant can meet the supply of artificial stone bathtub.

We produce artificial stone bathtub, appearance concise, elegant, high surface finish, heat transfer coefficient, good insulation properties, high strength and good toughness, engraved compressive strength, wear resistance, antimicrobial resistance, high temperature, easy to dip easy to clean dirt, aging, easily corrected, only 65% ​​of the general components of a bathtub. Because it brings together several advantages over a bathtub. And its shape is very beautiful, you can give a different experience.

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