Foshan Langbiao Sanitaryware Factory

For the bathtubs and basins process

1. Mould preparing---put the mould on roller conveyor(cleaning and waxing) ready for production


2.Mix material---mix all the raw material according to the formula with mix machine


3.Spraying gel-coat---spray the gel-coat onto the mould of the products to make a layer of gel-coat for the surface protection

Loading and Delivery

4.Vacuum pressing and casting---vacuum pressing to make sure that there will not be any air bubble in the material


5.Pouring the material into the mould---pour all the material maxed into the mould prepared

Packing Packing

6. Solidify and mould unloading---after the material get hard in the mould, then take it out of the mould

7.Sanding or polish---sanding for matte finish with sanding paper , polish for glossy finish with wax

8.Heating---keep the bath in the oven for 3 hours at 90 to 110 degree to make the material cured completely