How sanitary products to attract consumers? This has become a problem of many sanitary enterprises in the design, product research and development are facing. Because, with the improvement of living standards, sanitary products status in people's lives increasingly prominent. Requiring sanitary products above, it has been raised from pure practicality, to fashion, personality, environmental, health and other aspects of change. Meanwhile, the products require users to give heart to bring pleasure, so that consumers get emotional relief in the rest.

It is because of this emotional need to stimulate the bathroom designers a steady stream of thinking. Standard Sanitary Ware Factory Foshan Lang also conform to the trend of the times, in the design of the above artificial stone bathtub, intensify its efforts to make our products more attractive to consumers. Some of our bath products, using large, comfortable size, so that bathers can fully stretch his body, in a free floating in the water. In addition, consumers can also according to their needs, coupled with comfortable pillows, so the head is always located above the water. Meanwhile, with the bath ware match plate, not only for storing an article placed bathing, but also as a moving seat. We believe that proper weightlessness floating bath can help people to relax muscles, soothe the soul, which quickly achieve the dual physical and mental relaxation a depth.

Other sanitary enterprises, but also focus on "how to attract consumers sanitary products," the problem in the design of the above bath innovate. Top bathroom brands from Italy Teuco products designed Seaside Waterfall, it is from the tropical islands and deserted beach concept turned from internal sensors designed to adjust, so that the water flow like a waterfall pouring down, extended to the other side of the bathtub. . At the same time, this product is also integrated into the classic air massage system that enables a bather's body is completely relaxed and secluded water pipe fittings and remote control systems will give the bather was not in the bathroom illusion. Bather floating in this elegant, clean environment, will feel time and space are temporarily stopped.

Sanitary products to attract consumers, empathy products is a very important part, designers derive inspiration is: You can extract the elements of nature, give people a different experience, so that the bather soul becomes more comfortable.

Through continuous exploration, we found that in the product design process, humanity is always the most important thing and the only question is not the size of the product to be considered a modern bathtub. Meanwhile, with the advent of new materials and application, designers now have the ability to produce at amazing bathtub shape, improve the overall quality, which greatly increased the Bath charm index.

How sanitary products to attract consumers, it must be designed to focus on human experience, because even the best functional design of the mind, if not a sense of belonging, the design work is also doomed to failure.