Q: If there is a scratch on the surface, can it be get rid of and how?
yes. You can use 320 to 400 grit sand paper to sand it away, depending on how deep the scratch is.
Q:Is it possible to visit COBUILD factory? Can your factory arrange transportation for me?
Sure,we warmly welcome you to visit us. It is about one hour' drive away from Guangzhou. We can arrange our driver to pick you up in Guangzhou airport.
Q: what is the advantage of solid surface bathtubs comparing to the acrylic bathtubs?
apart from you can get a stone feel on this material and better linen shape, this material is solid all the way through, so it is stronger and won’t get cracked. You can renew it after a certain period.
Q: how to install the bathtub?
please refer to our installation instruction.
Q: what is solid surface?
it is a kind of resin + fillers composite material. It is widely used in kitchen countertops and bath wares. Please refer to our material test report on the web.
Q.How to place an order from us?
Please send us your purchase order by email, and we will make a Proforma Invoice for your order. The following information are needed for your order...